Why our Atlanta mulch is a better value

We manufacture our own quality mulch from the hardwood trees removed by our tree service firm. It is superior to any bag mulch you buy at a home store and less expensive, too.

Five colors of our triple ground premium mulch are shown above.

A bucket of our premium mulch weighs 33% more than a bucket of our competitor’s mulch because our triple ground mulch has less air and more wood. It spreads further.

All our mulch includes super fine particles that provide nutrients to your shrubs and flowers, because we don’t separate this out as many companies do to sell it separately as soil conditioner. We include it at no extra charge.

If feeding plants is important to you, choose our hydro microbial mulch pictured above which is an aged natural color mulch that provides the best nutrients to your shrubs and plants.

For playground mulch, use our triple ground natural mulch. It can cusion a child’s fall when applied in six to twelve inch depths.

We also have single ground mulch that is good for erosion control or to cover bare areas where a decorative mulch isn’t needed.

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Facts about ordering mulch

  • Use our mulch calculator to see how much you need and learn the cost.
  • Minimum order is 5 cubic yards if we deliver.
  • Delivery is available in the greater Atlanta metro area. We are fair about how we charge for delivery. The closer you are to our facility the  cheaper the delivery the farther you are the more the delivery cost.  Call us with your address and we will price it to your door.
  • If you order red, brown, or wine color mulch, then delivery isn’t recommended whenever rain is threatening within the next day. Color mulch is best spread quickly and allowed to air dry for a day or two before it rains, so fresh dye will not wash off.

Why wood mulch is cheaper than pine straw in Atlanta

  • In Atlanta mulch costs less than pine straw because pine straw is thin and deteriorates faster. Pine straw is usually applied two or even three times yearly, whereas wood mulch easily lasts a year and may only need a light dressing of new mulch the second year to look perfect. You have less labor spreading mulch compared to pine straw.
  • You’ll save 30% using mulch instead of pine straw. In Atlanta pine straw costs 14-cents per square foot per year compared to 10-cents for mulch. You’ll need 40 bales of pine straw to cover 1,000 square feet costing $140 per year. The same area is covered by 6.17 cubic yards of mulch costing $104 per year.
  • Mulch stays in place on slopes better than pine straw.
  • Mulch and is superior to pine straw in preventing weed growth in landscaping islands when you spread it at our recommended thickness of 3 inches.