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We can sell wood mulch cheap because we manufacture our own mulch, since we are one of metro Atlanta’s largest tree service firms. We provide mulch delivery in the metro Atlanta area to homes, businesses and landscape firms. Learn why we have the best mulch.

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How our Atlanta mulch helps your landscaping and garden

  • Wood mulch retains the moisture in the soil to help your landscape plants survive times when rain is scarce or you can’t sprinkle. Mulched soil stays moist twice as long.
  • Wood mulch provides nutrients to the shrubs and flowers in your landscape.
  • Wood mulch saves you work because mulching prevent weeds from growing in your landcape when your mulch is at least 3″ thick.
  • Wood mulch keeps soil warm in winter to protect sensitve plants.
  • Wood mulching makes your landscaping look better.
  • Wood mulch slows soil erosion. Our mulch process creates pieces that cling to each other, so mulch remains on slopes with better resistance to wind and rain than pine straw.
  • In Atlanta mulch is cheaper than pine straw, because mulching lasts longer. Mulch also means less work because you apply it less often. Compare the cost of pine straw and mulching.

How to apply mulch

  • Mulch keeps new weeds from sprouting but existing weeds can grow through it, so clear the area of weeds before you apply mulch.
  • Leave 2 inches open around woody stems and tree trunks.
  • If mulching around new plants, water them first before applying mulch so the moisture will be retained.
  • For weed control spread mulch at least 3″ thick.
  • For playground mulch to protect your child from a fall, use 6″ to 12″ of mulch. Children falling from high playground equipment need deeper mulch to cushion their landing.